Who is John Simonlacaj in The HFZ Capital Group?

HFZ Capital Group is well-known for their comprehensive and integrated disciplines that are related to real estate investments, management and development. Their development team which is under the company’s Managing Director of Development, John Simonlacaj is charged on developing the various projects of companies that are both new and comprehensive redevelopments of the existing properties with high quality in realizing the vision of various gifted architects on the various works of the company.

Residents then will be able to enjoy more access on to various conveniences on their elegant and serene structures. This company also have the amenities that it includes have a welcoming, comfortable and stylish lobby, lounge, library space with an outdoor courtyard, children’s playroom, sky lounge that is created in accommodating parties, 52 foot heated pool that has a sundeck, dry sauna and aqua space and a fitness center that’s fully equipped.

Based on what Mr. Simonlacaj said, “Providing a well-established amenity package was the key concept of the Halcyon development. The expectations of buyers have evolved and become more refined, with an added focus on health and fitness. The Halcyon showcases the importance of translating the interests and lifestyles of buyers into all aspects of design and programming.”

Though the amenities were already proven as well-received and is also well-used by different types of residents of The Halcyon, another thing that Mr. John Simonlacaj said is that “HFZ continues to look for ways to innovate on future projects. What excites our development team is to anticipate and plan for future demands – not in a way to chase the latest trends, but rather to develop services that have a lasting and meaningful impact.”

The HFZ Capital Group is a real estate investment and development company based on Manhattan, which has the expertise on different real estate disciplines that includes underwriting analytics, structured finances, investment, developments, asset management and construction. Also, the company has capitalized on development and investment opportunities both in the U.S and abroad and they likewise have acquired, developed, operated as well as owned properties in various asset classes like retails, hotels, residential and in the sports and entertainment. Another addition is that the company now is managing as well as developing real estate and it also has an overall value as an excess from their $10 billion which spans to 10 million square feet that includes about 2,000 new residential units that were brought to market. The company likewise have high reputation when it comes to restoring and preserving historic buildings as well as in building ground up developments with renowned designers and architects.