The fairly new Casper memory foam mattress manufacturer was the first to offer a mattress-in-a-box. This concept made shipping easier and more cost-effective for the company, as well as more convenient and manageable for the customer. Since many newer mattresses are only available online, this has quickly become the favored way to get mattresses to doorsteps.


In order for boxes to be a reasonable size and weight, mattresses have to be rolled and shrink wrapped. This also protects the mattress from excess moisture and damage during the shipping process. It is not uncommon for the inner wrap and the actual mattress to have an unpleasant odor when it is first taken out of the box. This ranges from mild to strong, depending on the brand and type of foam used in the structure of the product.

Due to this issue, it is recommended to open the box in a well ventilated area. The best way to accomplish this is to open the windows in the bedroom before getting started. Once the mattress is unwrapped, it will get much bigger quickly so opening it in another room will not be wise. That will only add the need to move the mattress around the house.


It will take several hours, overnight, or a few days for the selected mattress to rise and take its final shape. Buyers should not plan on sleeping on the new mattress the same day it is taken out of the box. Take up residence in the guest room for a few days to get maximum support from the new mattress. Some of these newer foam mattresses come with extended warranties that range from ten years to a lifetime, so it is well worth a bit of inconvenience to get is properly set up.

What to Put It On?

Manufacturers offer bases or platforms as an accessory for mattresses. Some are designed to fit on ordinary bed frames. There are even a few brands that can go directly on the floor or any other flat surface. The decision of whether or not to put the mattress onto a base depends on the structure and materials of the mattress, manufacturer recommendations, and owner preference. Customers can read this clip to help them make that decision.